Unscientific Study: Obama Election Boosted Gun Sales

I’m a little jealous that I did not get to interview the owner of this gun shop. The Gazette reports that he’s about to sell:

The owner and founder of Carolina Hunter, Larry Stroupe, said he expects to close the deal by Monday.

“It will be soon,” said Stroupe, who started the business in 1976 when he bought New Hope Bait and Tackle…

When asked what he would do after he sold the business, Stroupe replied, “Anything I want.”

Stroupe, 63, said he first planned to retire more than a year ago, but after the election of President Barack Obama, he started to see additional business…

“Business got too good after the election,” he said. “And just because he hasn’t [proposed more gun regulations] yet doesn’t mean he won’t do it. He’s had his hands full with health care and the stupid bailouts.”

The new owner, “son of Gaston County’s longtime state senator,” did not return the reporter’s phone call.

Also in the Gazette today:


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